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Samstag, 8. März 2014 - 21:00

special guest: TERROLOKAUST

+ Return of the Living Dead Party

Nach unzähligen Supports (u.a. bei COMBICHRIST und COVENANT) und diversen Festival-Gigs holen AESTHETIC PERFECTION zum nächsten Schlag aus: Im Februar/März 2014 gehen die Mannen um Daniel Graves zusammen mit FADERHEAD auf ausgedehnte Europa-Tournee. Beide Acts kommen im Vorfeld mit jeweils neuen Alben. Mit an Bord haben sie keine geringeren als TERROLOKAUST (Spanien) im Vorprogramm.

It is not a comment on society.
It is not a forum for philosophy.
It is not your new voice.
It is not a revolution.

Without form, without ego or intention, AESTHETIC PERFECTION is music without a cause. Influences are combined, songs composed. Audio is recorded, edited, arranged and mixed. Music designed without purpose.

It’s 2013 and FADERHEAD’s electronic music assault is in full swing. One EP, six highly acclaimed albums and two compilations in 6 years – as well as 4 massive worldwide clubhits with “Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois”, “TZDV”, “Destroy Improve Rebuild” and “Fistful Of Fuck You” – have moved the project from Hamburg/Germany into the limelight of the harder electro scene. From stompy techno to synthpop to dirty groove-laden electro: Faderhead mashes it all up like no one else which is evident by the new release “FH4′′.

special guest: TERROLOKAUST
When artists of this calibre in the industrial music scene are prepared to praise a new act publicly in this way, hype becomes almost an irrelevance. Yet the groundswell of hype and the sense of public expectation surrounding Spanish dark electro duo TERROLOKAUST’s incredible second album “God Loves The Violence” continues to increase almost daily – and this is an album that indeed lives up to that hype on every level.
TERROLOKAUST are going to release their 3rd album to coincide with this tour in early 2014.

+ Return of the Living Dead Party mit  DJ Janus Schwarz (HL) auf dem Rock/Alternative-Floor

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20095 Hamburg
Klosterwall 11

Einlass: 20 Uhr
Start: 21 Uhr